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Upgrade From Version 5.0(3)N1(1c) to Latest Version For Nexus 5548


Currently we are using version 5.0(3)N1(1c) in NEXUS 5548 Switch can i know any bugs in this version.

I want to upgrade if any bugs in this version please let me know it's helpfull for me.

Please let me know bug or vulnerability in this current version ASAP.

  BIOS:      version 3.5.0
  loader:    version N/A
  kickstart: version 5.0(3)N1(1c)
  system:    version 5.0(3)N1(1c)
  power-seq: Module 1: version v1.0
             Module 2: version v1.0
             Module 3: version v2.0
  uC:        version v1.2.0.1
  SFP uC:    Module 1: v1.0.0.0

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Leo Laohoo
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The NX-OS version 5.0, like the NX-OS 5.1, are known as "short life" NX-OS.  These two versions were created to introduce (5.0.X) and improve (5.1.X) new hardwares and features.

Amalgamate these two versions and you will see the "long life" NX-OS 5.2.X.

Read the Release Notes of this version so you will know what bugs and caveats are being identified and addressed.  The Release Notes will also tell you if there are any "gotchas" when you need to upgrade from your current NX-OS to this one.

Thanks for reply...

The Version NX-OS 5.2.X. is used for 7k but i want know about nexus 5548 switch.[ New bugs version].

Please let me know or send me the cisco link for the new upgraded version for 5548.




Hello senthilkumar,

All known bugs and issues are stated on the release notes. However, different veders usually report issues that are not in the release note. For example, there is an interoperability issue between Brocade CNA and  Cisco Nexus 5596. Therefore, after going through the release notes for you version of software, you should review other venders documentations for issues and bugs.

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