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Disable InterVlan Routing on Nexus 5672UP


i our IT-Lab we are running two Nexus 5672UP devices configured with HSRP, VPC Peer link and for our ip segments the interface vlan`s.

My questions, what can I do to prevent the routing between networks?

Our Network is defined with three main IP segments. for our main infrastructur for our VMWare Cluster for our different solutions

My object is to establish who can communicate with whom.

For example, network shouldn`t communicate with because both are different solutions.

I found different solutions for this but Iam not sure what the best is.

1. I dont know, a nice solution for me would be to use Cisco ASA 5510 or 5512-x for control traffic with ACL rules. ASA would be Gateway for all networks but my problem is, the maximum vlans (Subinterfaces) is set for 100 :(

And I think its not possible to incease the vlans number with installing licenses?

2. Private VLAN: I dont know if this a good idea for Nexus5672 Systems

3. using VRF on Nexus Systems. But I think here i must also configure ACL and accesslist are limited on Nexus because the memory is the problem.

Does anybody a idea, what I can do?

Thanks for replies.



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Reza Sharifi
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If these networks need to be completely isolated from each other and you are treating them as separate customers, you can use vrfs to separate them, but if they need to have limited connectivity between them than ACL might be the solution.

It really all depends on the requirement.


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