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Hello everyone,I have a Cisco C9300L-48P-4X with IOS XE 17.6.5 software. I will conduct an audit in a few days, is the IOS version in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard? If not, what version of IOS is compliant with the standard, with a stable ve...

Can I interconnect several IE-4010 4S24P to form a stack or a ring?In this case, how many IE could I put in the same ring?In the IE-5000 series I see that there are MASTER and CLIENT licenses for this function, but I do not see them in them IE-4010

Note: The password given in this post is an example only.Hello all, It is the ungodly hour of 12:59:59 AM 8/8/2023 CST at the time of writing this.I have finally fixed most of my configuration issues and gotten the cpu usage below 99 percent ( about ...

helloI am currently using version 9.3(7) of n9k.I have checked the logs and the following log occurs once a day.%TAHUSD-SLOT1-4-BUFFER_THRESHOLD_EXCEEDED: Module 1 Instance 1 Pool-group buffer 90 percent threshold is exceeded!What can I do to resolve...

I'm trying to update an outbound ACL on a VLAN interface on a 6807 and I'm needing to remove the ACL from the interface, remove the ACL completely, create a new named iteration (let's say OUT_ACL_12), the new ACL contains similar lines from the older...

Recently started as new IT support and right away found out that two of these switches randomly reboot every few days (5-12 Days). enabled flash logging and shows no reason for the reboot and the time and date resets.

neilnurse by Beginner
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In a mixed 9300L/9300LM stack, is Stack-T3A cable compatible with C9300L-STACK-KIT connector? Conversely, is Stack-T3 cable compatible with C9300L-STACK-KIT2 connector?

ckuwajima by Beginner
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I am evaluating purchasing a handful of IE-3300-8U2X-A switches for a remote site monitoring system. Each switch will run 2-3 803.2bt type3 class6 PTZ cameras. One will run 3 of those PTZ cameras as well as an additional 802.3at type2 class4 camera. ...

DanRose by Beginner
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HiNewbi here so please be nice.I'm using a Cisco 3132 switch.  I have 2 40 gb connections but only getting 1 gb transfer ratesAccording to linux networking app it shows 40000 mb/s  connection.According to Cisco 3132 it also shows the 2 ports at 40 gb...

Toddb by Beginner
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Bonjour Sur mon switch CISCO SG250-18 je peux configurer tous les port avec un VLAN particulier (Trunk ou Access) sauf le port 12?  Comme le montre l'image ci dessus je ne reussi pas a avoir un 40U dans l'Operational VLAN Une idee ? Merci  

Capture d’écran 2024-02-25 à 17.22.57.png
ewok2 by Beginner
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