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Host Unreachavle between host on the same Switch

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Level 1

My Collegue has a strange issue and i don't understand what happened. I have a PC in DHCP and when i try to ping an host that is on the same Switch works fine, But if i configure that PC with static Address and try to png that host i receive Host Unreachable. 

I supposed that network card was badly configurated, but seems to be correct....and apart for that specific host all seems to works. I ping all other host, i go to the internet ect.....

As i told you between these host there is not router, the are attacched on the same switch....?....the problem maybe could be firewall on Windows 7 PC? 

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Few things without seeing any config

check for macl applied at layer 2

If switch is L3 aswell check for acl on SVI interface on switch

Did you check the router if that's the L3 only that the arp/macs were complete when  static was in place as well and it was fully functional

These are only suggestions as no config  to look at here , if the pc allowed a ping when it was dhcp then the win 7 firewall probably did not block the static ping it was something else as it would not decipher any difference between the 2

Tomorrow i'll go there and I shall be more specific, but from what i know is a simple environment.

No L3 Switch and no VLan, and from what i understood i think  is not a Cisco Switch.

This problem began two weeks ago, before all works perfectly

They tried with other DHCP al is ok and if  they put a static address they got "HOST Unreachable"

Tanks GIO

From the PC having issues, compare the output of "ipconfig /all" when on DHCP and when statically configured.  My guess is that the network mask or gateway is incorrectly set when done with static address.  Post the results of that here, once you get them.

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