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What information can we provide to help you deploy software or software upgrades in your network? Could the types of deployment information provided by Cisco Advanced Services (which can be very customer-specific) be used as a template to provide general deployment information that is valuable to all customers?

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi Linda,

Yes, of course :) Any Deployment related documentation would be very,very helpful. It would also be nice to "highlight" the Best Practices that are currently being used by Cisco Advanced Services.

Bring it on! And thank-you for continuing to improve the vast Cisco doc set.



Level 1
Level 1

Providing diagrams and configuration information on specific features along with an abstract of how and why you would want to use it.

Often you run across a feature that sounds like it could benefit your deployment, but the documentation isn't clear on what they are trying to accomplish.

Another comment to a different thread requested a link to the command reference from the documentation rather than having to do a new search. Either there needs to be a link, or the command reference needs to be incorporated into the standard documentation. There is too much kept in the command ref, and it is not always checked.

Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

I really appreciate revision dates listed along with documents.

I know that the 5508 has just been released but I'm keenly awaiting for the Deployment Guide to be released.

PS: May I request if someone can proof-read the Cisco Wirless LAN Configuration Guide (6.0) as there are some discrepancies. Thanks. :)

Thank you for your post about Cisco documentation. We are happy to hear that the revision dates are helpful.

I have spoken with the documentation manager for the group that writes the documentation for the Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Adapter. He said that they are very close to having the deployment guide ready to publish. If you can please send me your contact information (email:, he will let you know when it's done.

As for the Cisco Wirless LAN Configuration Guide (6.0), the documentation team would be very happy to receive specific comments or work with you to identify sections that need attention. Again, if you can please send me your contact information to the email address above, I'll pass it on to the group so that they can make arrangements with you.

Again, thanks for your comments. We always want to improve documentation where we can.

Teresa Oliver-Merrill