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solutions design and architecture examples

Amadou TOURE


Related to my own experience as a technical guy, I face always requests from sales colleagues who ask for features on Cisco devices, simple or complex designs and licenses.

I think it would be great to have a new topic in the document support related to those aspects like design and architecture, features and license with specific examples by technology and so on.

Best regards


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Hello, Amadou --

Thanks for your good suggestions and your interest in improving our documentation.

There are currently several locations that provide detailed design information:

provides a variety of design information, including that for thoroughly tested Cisco Validated Designs

provides overviews of Cisco integrated solutions and collateral information.

provides good examples of design and implementation guides, as used specifically in the deployment of cable and wireline video, where many components are involved -- is this the level of detail you are interested in?

Another type of solutions doc can be found at this end-to-end Technical Information Site ( for Cisco Unified Communications Systems.

It would be very helpful if you could let us know what you think of these different doc types and which of these, if any, provides the type of information you're looking for.

As you are probably aware, such documents inherently must deal with more than a single product. Generally speaking, architecture and design information is the result of thorough testing, to ensure that a variety of products and applications interwork as designed under real-world conditions. Furthermore, as high-level design information can provide competitors an advantage, much of that information is not distributed publicly.

If you can tell us specific products or deployment scenarios you are interested in, we may be able to provide more information. Also, could you please tell us what you were looking for with respect to information on "licenses"? Because such information is highly variable and deployment specific, a Cisco representative may be able to help you best.

Regards, Michael


Thank you for your response...

The document on Cisco Unified communication in its structure is much closer to what I was talking about.

My needs are focus at this time on

1. IPS appliance (and IOS):

for instance :

*how much signature to activated considering appliance resources

*scenarios with vlan groups and virtual sensor

2. ASAs

* example scenario with DAP

For the license, you're right that i would be difficult as the information is variable.

Thank you.

Best regards

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