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Please introduce yourself to the Cisco Developer Community!

Sean Dahlberg
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi all, we have so many people helping and learning from each other in the Cisco Developer Community, but I couldn't find a topic for us to share more about ourselves. So here it is! Prepare to talk about yourself to your fellow community members and share more about who you are and the cool things you're up to.

I'll start us off.

My name is Sean and I joined both Cisco and the Cisco Developer Community last December (2022). I'm currently living near Austin, TX. I listen to all types of music but more hard rock and metal than anything else. In my free time, I play many video games. And I am quite the purrveyor of lolcats and memes!

grumpy-cat-lolcats-on-the-internet (1).jpg

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Paul Zimmerman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'll play! Been around Cisco for a minute or two (working on my quarter century)... been part of this community since 2008 (took 10 years from my Cisco start to join the community? What was I thinking??). Been serious about my community engagement since probably 2014 or 2015, having helped with the migration to Khoros and getting my team involved with answering developer questions and creating a lot of the content that you now see. 
On a personal level, I am a Silicon Valley native, being born in Santa Clara, and I have been living in the beachside community of Santa Cruz for, oh probably 20 or so years now. In my free time, I like playing in bands... Here's a show from the instrumental surf band that I play in on our European tour in 2018!

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my name is verlaine and I live in congo, my home town is "Lubumbashi" well known for its mining activities and Legendary football club "TP MAZEMBE", I love writing and teaching, a Cisco netriders alumni from subsaharan Africa, a Cisco learning network rookie and  Community Ambassador 2023.

currently, I am a contributor at Tech Target I write on Apis, Linux, and Network automation.

I am a world-class technical writer in the making

Network automation,Python,Linux

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Hi all

My name is Luca and I work at onway, a small company in Zurich, Switzerland. I deal a lot with automation. In our office we deploy (almost) all our systems with Ansible. I have also worked on several customer projects where the focus was on automation. I have most experience with Python and Ansible, but I also know my way around Terraform, RESTCONF, NETCONF etc.
In February this year I even passed the DevNet Expert exam (#20230004).

Currently my main focus is on the DevNet Academy ( I want to create an e-learning that makes it easier for other people to prepare for the DevNet Expert exam. This has taken up practically all my time in the last few months.

But now I would like to get more involved in the community and answer open questions here (if possible).


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Level 1

After a 15 year break in networking I am getting back in the game.  15 year break you say??  Well, a little about me.  I just retired with 20 years service from the Army and when I joined, I was doing it all, systems administration as well as networking.  After 2 years in, I was selected to recruiting and when I came out of recruiting, they had taken the network portion away from my job. It didn't occur to me at the time to switch to the networking as I liked the systems administration as well.

Fast forward 20 years and I am now in a position where I need CCNA and CCNP for the position.  I am working on the CCNA and have packet tracer at home, but can't install it on the work computer without jumping through a lot of flaming hoops.

I am looking into devnet but am wondering if there is a completely blank sandbox I can play in to work on the various labs and packet tracer files that I have from all the CCNA prep sources I have.

That was a long winded intro and I thank you for taking the time to read it!!


Sunny Chawla
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Level 1


I'm Sunny Chawla part of AIS Technolabs Pvt Ltd.  I love to share my thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development and Game Development.

In addition to software and app development, I have expertise n the arena of digital marketing, product development. Recognizing the pivotal role of effective marketing in today's competitive landscape, And creating innovative solutions that empower businesses to expand their digital footprint.

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Hi there!

My name is Robert and I'm stating my journey on Cisco DevNet Sandbox. I'm currently studding to get my CCNP ENCORE.

I work at AlticeLabs. We develop network equipment. I'm a tester and network engineer.

See you!

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Level 1

Hi everyone.

I live in New Zealand and work for a Cisco Partner and user.

My primary reason for joining the DevNet community is to learn as much as I can from people much smarter than I. I've predominantly been a network engineer and steered away from programming. Having recently attempted, and failed, CCNP ENCOR at Cisco Live, I think it's time I got my hands dirty and checked out this whole "coding" business

Ruben Cocheno

Hi @Sunny Chawla @Sean Dahlberg @WartortleNZ @dlsapk @robertvidal @Sunny Chawla @Verlaine_Devnet 

Ruben here, living in London, UK and became a business owner a few years back as a Cisco Reseller with a focus on Advanced Services instead of shipping boxes left and right you know the drill.

Joined the group Developer Community to Learn what others are doing and there and share. Going through a recycling process at the moment with Software Development as my Masters in Computer Science was a while back (>10 years).


Tag me to follow up.
Please mark it as Helpful and/or Solution Accepted if that is the case. Thanks for making Engineering easy again.
Connect with me for more on Linkedin

Hi, my name is Robert.  I have been working with Cisco products since 1995.  I started by installing the Cisco 2500 series router with the Cisco Catalyst 1900 series switch for remote location upgrades.  I have received my CCNA multiple times, my CCNP twice as well as my CCDA and CCDP once.  

I have worked in the Enterprise environment as well as supporting small mom and pop sites.  I have always loved troubleshooting.  It's like a puzzle and you have to look at the clues to figure out what is causing the issue.  

I've lived in Texas all my life with a short stint in Colorado supporting the creation of a NOC for a large corporation.  I currently work for a large aerospace company and looking to move on.  So I will be trying to pass the ENCOR (350-401) Exam soon.  


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My name is Dop. Been a fan of Cisco for long. However it's been years since I did anything Cisco-related. I do miss the technology so much and currently planning on re-certifying my expired Cisco certifications. My hobby projects include building prototypes with Micro controller units(Arduino, Arm, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, etc), Cloud computing, LoRaWAN, etc. I'm grateful to be part of this community.

Many thanks