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Hello, I am attempting to push a basic openconfig-interfaces configuration to an IOS-XE(version 16.9.4) device using YDK, and the model is rendering properly but the device is rejecting the configuration with the following error: <?xml version="1.0" ...

grundler by Beginner
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Hi, I'm using the Cisco NeXt library to draw a network topology. I'd like to arrange the dynamically generated topologies based on the network hierarchy.For example, if I have a Router, Switches, and Computers, I want the diagram to be ordered vertic...

mahi37 by Beginner
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  When I use RestconfServiceProvider passing as repo: repo = Repo() I get this error: 2020-07-27T10:51:20: %YDK-INFO: Ready to communicate with using http 2020-07-27T10:51:20: %YDK-INFO: Path where models are to be down...

vadigreg by Cisco Employee
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Is there a way to upgrade the python version that comes with the latest ydk-py docker image (version 3.5.2)?I have tried removing the older version with:apt purge python3 and installing python 3.6 with: apt-get update --fix-missing && apt-get install...

MahdiR by Beginner
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I'm trying to generate a bundle for Cisco IOS XE 17.2.1 from these yang models.When I run ./ --python --bundle profiles/bundles/cisco-ios-xe_17_2_1.json, it gives me these errors:Attachment: my bundle profile in txt

MahdiR by Beginner
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Hello, I was trying to install ydk-cpp on my mac(OS 10.14.2) and got a problem. I had already installed Pcre by brew install pcre but it reports fatal error: 'pcre.h' file not found. I have followed all the steps successfully on

I have been trying so hard to install YDK-PY in my MacBook. I followed the given documentary, but it did not work. However, it did work on Linux-based machine Ubuntu. Could you please provide a full installation?

khalilmeb by Beginner
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