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Install failed: App/Service descriptor file is missing in package

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Level 1


Try to install the devnet iperf3 lab on:

hardware: cisco C9300-24U

ios: Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.11.01 Cisco IOS Software [Gibraltar]


I followed the tutorial: Cisco DevNet Learning Labs


I tftp the file to the flash: and then performed the 'appid install ...'

Error I get is: 

%IM-6-INSTALL_MSG: Switch 1 R0/0: ioxman: app-hosting: Install failed: App/Service descriptor file is missing in package


I guess the error is self-explaining... However, how can I verify if the 'descriptor file' is really missing. or is the devnet lab wrong? 

Better try another docker container? 


Thank you for some tips.




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Level 1

Ok, sorry, suddenly found this on the 'www':

PowerPoint Presentation (

cisco live: DEVNET-2038


The docker container suggested by DevNet is not able to produce configuration files in order to install it as a separate app on the 9K platform. 

missing: package.yaml ;


probably more. 

Someone who has a working solution or a good link to a tutorial?




@_|brt.drml|_ not an area i know well - does this help?!create-an-iox-application-package?

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Yes I also dropped in on that search result. I learned a Lot, but you do need to read carefully how the 'package' should be build. 

The lab on the DevNet is not good and is missing some important guidelines. 

However, on the DevNet there is another lab that does explain the details on how to create the package. 


- iox package

- devnet: 


Use this track to get started with containers. You'll learn why you should use containers, how to use Docker, how manage your environment with Kubernetes, and get to know Cisco Container Platform. You'll also get an introduction to Istio and Service Mesh. Finally, you'll learn how to build an IOx application with Docker.


So I have some reading to do, prepare my workstation and probably fail on several occasions. But, I think that generally this lab will be helpfull.

As a side comment - app-hosting on a device is not that easy. It does need some knowledge. Certainly when you are a networking guy.


I hope this also helps for others embarking on this app-hosting mission.