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Label Multiple lines


Hi, is it possible to have a multiline label?

I'd like to have device type, ip address, hostname etc. as label on multiple lines.

Edit: Would also like to be able to apply labels to the links as well as where the link terminates for interface numbers. Anyone know how this is done?

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the moderator Aikepaer Abuduweili set an example that I think helps you

I'm looking to do what the original question is asking, and I don't think this example addresses it.

In context of the example posted, I believe we are talking about SJC-1, NYC-5, etc additionally having a line (or many) underneath containing additional node information. Not adding and displaying link information (though I found that helpful as well).

Anyone have a solution to displaying a multiple-line node label?

Hi Zach,

Fistfull I am not an exert on js, html5 to etc. I am using next for one of my projects. I have created an example for you.  There may be more useful solutions. I hope this will be start point for solution to your problem. I don't know your purposes but in my opinion add more labels to link will increase the viewbility of your topology. Instead adding these attributes to link tooltip will be more usefull

First you should descripe a process to write labels as text on a position relative to the link. As seen in the example of Aikepaer Abuduweili with the source and target label you should define for each of the labels you want to add. In my example I have tried to write sourcedesc prop of the link.

               if (this.sourcedesc()) {

                el = this.view('sourcedesc');

                point = line.start;

                el.set('x', point.x+10);

                el.set('y', point.y+10);

                el.set('text', this.sourcedesc());

                el.set('transform', 'rotate(' + angle + ' ' + point.x + ',' + point.y + ')');

                el.setStyle('font-size', 12 * stageScale);


the problem with that is to calculate the x and y which will be beginning position of the text. You should some how find a way calculate it. In Aikepaer Abuduweili example, he tries to describe a new line relative to the link and use its coordinates as text coordinates of text.

for entering this method link should have an attiribute of sourcedesc,

for that you should define in linkConfig ;

sourcedesc: 'model.sourcedesc',

and also you have to add this attribute to props in the link instance class;

sourcedesc: null,

and for the last the element desciption,                 el = this.view('sourcedesc'), needs the element in the view.

adding below definition to the view part of link instance class.


            name: 'sourcedesc',

            type: 'nx.graphic.Text',

            props: {

                'class': 'sourcedesc',

                'alignment-baseline': 'text-after-edge',

                'text-anchor': 'start'


Garcia Holness






You can break the labels into multi line with below code


nx.define("ExtendedNode", nx.graphic.Topology.Node, {
	methods: {
		init: function(args){
		calcLabelPosition: function(force){
			if(this.model().get("name").length > 10){
				var labelView = this.view("label");
				var string_name = this.model().get("name").trim().split(" ");
				var html = '';
				for(var z = 0; z < string_name.length; z++){
				html += "<tspan x='0' dy='1.2em'>"+string_name[z]+"</tspan>";

//initialize a topology component
var topo = new nx.graphic.Topology({
	width: 800,
	height: 600,
	showIcon: true,
	nodeConfig: {
		label: ''
	linkConfig: {
		linkType: 'parallel'
	nodeInstanceClass: 'ExtendedNode'

In addition, please calculate and set the offset of labels accordingly



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