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Create Dynamic Admin Input Filter List

Hello All-

I'm trying to create a couple user activity policy tasks that will allow users to select a VM and delete a snapshot as well as revert to a snapshot.  The pre-canned tasks prompt the user for the snapshot name but I want to be able to give them a drop down list of all snapshots associated with the selected VM context.  I created a workflow that references the selected VM context, added a user input "Select Snapshot" of type VMWareAllSnapShots, then tried to create an admin input filter list that uses the filter "VM Name EQUALS ${VM_NAME}".  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to match any of the snapshot images despite there being one for the selected VM.

Is what I am trying to do possible and if so, am I using the correct variable name in the filter?

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Re: Create Dynamic Admin Input Filter List

FYI, I am trying to use the macros in this document:

According to that, ${VM_NAME} should reference the name of the VM and can be used in a workflow input, however it doesn't say whether or not it can be used in an admin input filter.

Based on this guide though, it sounds as though dynamic admin input filters are possible, but I have yet to find any examples of one.

" Admin Input Filter field

The administrator's input filter value used to define custom inputs based on a filter (static or d dynamic). For example, you can filter on aggregate, volumes, and POD."

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