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Activity in UCS Director

UCS Director Admin Password Reset

I'm trying to find the correct option to reset the Admin password in UCS Director, as it's failing when I try to log in. I can access Shell_Admin and can access the menu to 29) Reset MySQL User password. Is that the same thing?We have a couple of the...

VMware get VM annotation

I am looking to get VM annotation from VMware VM. I see a task name Get VMware VM Details it does provides lot of details but not annotation. Is it possible to modify the script to extract annotations ?  Below is the current script for VMware VM Deta...

ART007 by Beginner
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Cloupia Script Cook Book

This a very nice document for the task called Cloupia Script: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucs-director/cloupia-script-cookbook/5-0/CloupiaScript-Cookbook.pdf

UCSD - File Upload example (Fileupload)

Task NameFile UploadDescription1PrerequisitesTested on 5.4 betaTested on UCSD 6.0 (see side notes)Tested on this does not work (bug is filed)This is part of UCSD 6.5 Alpha and I have tested it. CategoryWorkflowComponentsvSphere 5.xUser Inputs...

Powershell agent replaces double quotes with single

Dear Experts, I have a XML string which is result of one of the previous task. XML string looks like below.$o = "<?xml version='1.0'?><Objects><Object Type='System.Boolean'>True</Object></Objects>"and I am using Select-Xml -Content $o -XPath '//Objec...

KAKA_2 by Beginner
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Making Powershell on UCS Director easier

Hey everyone, I have had a bunch of large customers as of late who have asked me to come in to train them on Cisco UCS Director from a programming perspective. In all of these environments, we have been deploying large/national scale Hyper-V and ACI ...

UCS Director Worflow to move Active Directory compter object to specific OU and add to optional groups (PowerShell)

Task NameUCSD - Add computer object to groupsDescriptionThis workflow runs as a post provisioning workflow to a standard catalog so that a user uses check boxes to chose whichgroups an AD computer object is added to.  Using a systems management softw...

midupont by Cisco Employee
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Rams for B200-M4

Dears,We need to install new RAMs with P.N: UCS-MR-1X162RUA for UCS P.N: B200-M4. Unfortunately the server and related RMAs are end of sale. Do we have a chance to install third party RMS like HP, DELL, Kingston, etc? Thanks in advance.

set boot mode to UEFI

Dear Experts, I am using "provision blank VM" task to create a new VM and there is no option where i can select the boot mode. I have also checked the different available APIs but still could not figure out. has anyone experience with this or any adv...

KAKA_2 by Beginner
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Upgrading Cisco N9508 OS

Hi, I am planning on upgrading NXOS and epld for our N9508s that have dual supervisors. having never done one before so wondering if one of you could could help me with the steps. I have read many documents by now and online threads they all seems to...

qasim khan by Beginner
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