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How to access UCSD-provisioned VM?

Level 7
Level 7

I've spun up UCS Director and created my first VM via automation - woo!  Now I'm confused as to how my users can access it.  I configured UCSD to deploy a VM with Windows 2008 R2, and it successfully mounts the ISO.  However, it's waiting on user input at the VMware console.

Is this as far as a standard catalog can go?  Can it complete the Windows installation and give it an IP address, or does that require a VM image?  Trying to learn


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Clint Fritz
Level 1
Level 1

You can allow the user to access the VM console if you have configured an End User

Policies -> Virtual/Hypervisor Policies -> Service Delivery -> End User Self-Service Policy -> Add

In this policy scroll down to Launch VM Console and select it.

Please any other interactions you wish the user to have such as the ability to do Power Operations.


Go the vDC for that catalog item and edit it.

In the "End User Self-Service Policy" (at the bottom of the Edit window) select the Policy you created above.

Save it.

Get the user to refresh their page. They may have to log off and back on again. A refresh worked for me under 6.0.

They will then be able to launch which ever type of console window you allow them to use: Web, RDP, VMRC. when you created the catalog item.

this way the user can then take the actions on the VM themselves.

Do not know off the top of my head about the completing the Windows installations part....

HTH anyway

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