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Modify already provisioned VMWareVM vNIC IP configuration via cloupia method (static ip configuration)


Hello Everybody,


I'm looking after the possibility of modifying the IP configuration (IP Address, Gateway, etc) of the vNIC of an already provisioned VMWareWM: basically I would like to put a static IP configuration in place. I'm aware of the possibility of using the vSphere PowerCLI, anyway I would also like to obtain the desired result without using the Powershell agent.


After digging into the cloupia sdk, I found a static method of the VMWareService class through which I managed to create an object of type VMVNic (representing the vNIC of an actual VM) and modify its IP Address via the concerned set method. After that I supposedly should persist the change and there is actually another static method in VMWareService class for that, which anyway fails with a not very explanatory error message.


Is what I'm trying to achieve feasible at all? In case yes, is my approach correct or rather should I use a different one based on different classes and methods?


Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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