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UCS Director 5.4 – Windows/Linux CSV Workflow Deployment


UCS Director 5.4 – Windows/Linux CSV Workflow Deployment

The purpose of this document is to illustrate the steps to implement the CSV Workflow that can be used for Windows or Linux VM deployments.  The CSV File can contain a single VM or Multiple VMs.

This CSV VM Deployment workflow is a modification to the ‘VM Deployment with USER IP INPUT’ which can be found here: .  The original workflow was built on UCSD this new workflow addresses some script changes to address going to UCSD 5.4.  Other additional features include cleaning up/deleting the CSV file from ‘/opt/infra/uploads/’ when the workflow is complete, added vDC Template Input for the CSV Inputs, removed the second future workflow input and rearranged the CSV Inputs in the CSV File.  For details on how and why this workflow works including the script itself can be found at the link above.

Also included in this document are the steps to create a vDC and vDC Template and all of the policies needed to create them.


  • You have a Single or Multi-Node Deployment of UCS Director 5.4.
  • You have access to vCenter where your UCS Director has been deployed.
  • You have existing Windows and Linux Templates in your vCenter and have been tested for Guest Customization.

Useful Documents

Cisco UCS Director Administration Guide, Release 5.4

Software/OS levels

Listed below are the software and OS versions that were used for the testing and building this document.

  • UCS Director 5.4
  • VMware 5.1
  • VMWare Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Template
  • VMware RHEL 6.2 Template

Table of Contents

1. Perquisites - Create Virtual/Hypervisor Policies

1.1. Add VMware Network Policy

1.2. Add VMware Storage Policy

1.3. Add Virtual Storage Catalog

1.4. Add VMware Computing Policy

1.5. Add VMware System Policy

1.6. Add End User Self-Service Policy for VMware

1.7. Add Virtual Data Center

1.8. Add vDC Service Profile

2. Create Standard Catalog item for Windows 2012

3. Create Standard Catalog item for Linux

4. Setup File Browser

4.1. Download File Browser files and extract to local PC

4.2. Upload fileupload.jar to UCS Director Primary Node

4.3. Add fileupload.jar to file to load during boot up

4.4. Import File Browser

4.5. Execute File Browser Workflow

4.6. Verify/Test File Browser is working

5. Deploy CSV Workflow

5.1. Download CSV Workflow

5.2. Import CSV Workflow

5.3. Configure CSV Workflow

5.4. Create CSV File

6. Execute Workflow

7. Create Advanced Catalog item for CSV Workflow

8. Test CSV Workflow


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