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Speed dial DTMF Wait and Pause is broken in the latest firmware 7.6.2SR6/7.6.2f for SPA50x/SPA51x


There is a bug in the SPA50x/SPA51x latest firmware version 7.6.2SR6/7.6.2f.


For example

fnc=sd;ext=4161500000 ,0123456@$PROXY;nme=Test

The SPA with version 7.6.2SR6 dials the number 4161500000 then waits 2 seconds and then sends DTMF begin '0' RTP packet and plays DTMF tone indefinitely. Doesn't send DTMF end '0' RTP packet and doesn't send other DTMF digits.

The same issue with X (wait)

fnc=sd;ext=4161500000 X0123456@$PROXY;nme=Test

The SPA dials the number 4161500000 then asks confirmation and after confirmation sends DTMF begin '0' RTP packet and plays DTMF tone indefinitely without sending end DTMF and other digits.


All previous versions work as expected, i.e, the SPA sends all DTMF digits.


Looking into debug I found that SPA with previous version logged the next events

Sending RFC 2833 RTP Event packet. Event 0. Volume 0. Duration 640.

Sending RFC 2833 RTP Event packet. Event 1. Volume 0. Duration 720.



There are not such debug events from the SPA with the latest version.


Does somebody know any workaround?


I think this issue is related to bug resolved in the latest version


SPA504G, SPA303: does not send PIN DTMF randomly


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Please, help!

What kind of help you need ? You claimed bug in the firmware of particular version and you know other version that works for you. So whats the issue ? Use the firmware that works for you.

This bug is in the latest firmware version in which other bugs were fixed which affect us.
The solution is ether find a workaround or Cisco accepts this bug and provides firmware update.
Unfortunately we do not have active Cisco support to claim a bug.
I will be very grateful if somebody submit a Cisco bug request.

According some rumors, firmware bugs can be reported with no support contract.

Are you sure no older firmware (I mean older firmware version, not just different SR of 7.6.2) fits your needs ?

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