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Access Control and SSLVPN


Hi All,

Want to open up by saying I am very new to VPN configuration, and have only set up a handful of site-to-site VPN's with no 'fancy' features and haven't really dealth with SSLVPN too much.

I recently got asked if there was a way to prevent remote access users from being able to establish an SSLVPN connection if they lacked certain virus protection software (like MSE or ForeFront).  The person who asked me about this also mentioned that he thought some pre-existing configs may already exist that do this in our environment.

The only immediate thing I've seen is the threat-detection feature, and to shun hosts based off of various threat-detection statistics, and I've found out how to verify those settings.  If there is a way to check/accomplish what has been requested by my co-worker I'd love to know about it!

Thanks in advance for any insight/direction on this topic.

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I believe what he is referring to is DAP (Dynamic Access Policy).

You can check that using the ASDM then browse to Configuration --> Remote Access VPN --> Network (Client) Access --> Dynamic Access Policies

Hope that helps.

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