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Hi.I'm trying to write a short guide, for internal use, for Site-to-Site VPNs.The guide will describe the different settings, what they mean, and recommended values.I pay particular attention to D-H groups, and now I've become a bit confused (by Chat...

Hello, I have a customer that is getting a secondary ISP and he now wants to separate the traffic, so that VPN traffic continue going to the current ISP and all other Internet traffic to the new ISP. The customer will create an additional outside int...

I have a site-to-site VPN setup between two FTDs that are managed by separate FMCs.  I have enabled the bypass access control for decrypted traffic (sysopt permit-vpn) option on both sides of the tunnel.  However, when I try to copy files between the...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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We just upgraded the software on our ASA. Everything went fine, site-to-site's came up and internet connectivity was fine. However, our Anyconnect is not working anymore. We have had 2 different errors, the first was something along the lines of "Aut...

Hello, I am using Anyconnect version 4.10.05085 on an iMac, but I have the error when the VPN is connected, the Airdrop functionality stops working and I cannot share and receive files, maybe someone had this problem that can guide me on how to solve...

tdsa by Beginner
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Hello Experts!I'm setting up a new vpn tunnel to a partner.  ASA on our side Palo Alto on theirs.  When the tunnel connects, it seems to run fine.  However, should the tunnel go down, it will not come back up unless they initiate the traffic.  They c...

irbk by Beginner
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