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Access to Microsoft Sharepoint from out side my network

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I am fairly new to the Cisco ASA. In my position I used a MS's ForeFront and recently switched. When we switched over the consulting company moved and converted the rules to the Cisco ASA 5512. I have ASDM set up but I've heard it is best to use the cmd line.
My question:
I've created a Sharepoint server and it is accessible for my entire district from within my LAN. I would like to allow staff to have access from outside the network, basically our own cloud based server housed on my network. I've reserved the IP address of the server and I have an outside IP address, I just need to know the (outside,inside) code to put into the cmd line, or asdm.
Thank you in advance.

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Create Exchange host object in ASDM with private IP address.
Create static NAT configuration on this same object and assign public IP address to it.

Figures 27-28 to 27-32:

don't forget to add entry to ACL for WAN access list.

More info about NAT: