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Anyconnect allowing only one user session on Windows


For your assistance please. Our helpdesk team is having issues fixing Windows user profile for our remote users. Their procedure in troubleshooting profile issues is as follows:


1.Since the user cannot login anymore to their profile they give the remote user an administrator login then they use this account to connect to anyconnect VPN and access the laptop remotely to continue troubleshooting

2. Then while logged in with the administrator account they need to switch user in order to test the new profile but they get an error “Another user has logged into your computer locally, and only one local user is allowed. The VPN connection has been disconnected. Close all sensitive networked applications.”


Looks like by default one session is only allowed and there is a workaround based on the article below, I tried to follow it but the registry option (bold typeface)  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\{B12744B8-5BB7-463a-B85E-BB7627E73002} is not available. I created the registry entry manually but it did not work. 



Thank you 

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