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AnyConnect Clientless SSL will not display VMware HTTP web client scrn




I am attempting to connect a VMWare web client through an AnyConnect clientless SSL connection using a bookmark. I logon the VPN's clientless connection successfully.  I see the menu I expect from the bookmarks.  All other bookmarks work as expected.  I have tried two different bookmarks to access the vSphere web client. 

First, I place the URL https://<vSphereFQDN>/UI in the Bookmarks.  When once clicks on the bookmark the vSphere's user logon page appears.  After entering valid username and password, the web page appears blank.  

Next in the Bookmarks I remove the /UI.  From the test client I see the vSphere Getting Started screen with the option to select the Flash version or the HTML5 version.  I select the HTML5 version. It takes me to the vSphere logon screen.  I enter a valid username/pwd. The same blank screen appears. (As expected).  


Does anyone know away to configure the VPN clientless connection to allow the VMware vSphere client to work properly? 


I have tried multiple browsers - IE (32 bit and 64 bit) and FireFox.  The results look the same. 


I tried using the AnyConnect client. The same browsers will allow complete access to the vSphere web client when the AnyConnect client is used to access the VPN.  Clientless does not.  However, the client is requesting a clientless connection.


Hardware:  ASA 5508

ASA software: 9.12

ASDM software 7.16

AnyConnect client: 4.10.0107


Thank you,


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Hello Aloneal, 
This post is quite old, but maybe my answer will help someone with the same issue.

It's a known limitation described in Guidelines and Limitations for Clientless SSL VPN (this link 

  • Clientless WebVPN rewriter currently does not support HTML5 and Javascript Blob API.

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