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Anyconnect minimum license count


I am trying to find any document that lists the minimum vpn license count you can order for a Firepower 1010.  I can find plenty of docs listing the ratings of maximum connections per platform, and I can find plenty on concurrent vs total users, apex vs plus.

I reached out to a sales team for a quote for a 5 user 3 year plus license for a Firepower 1010.  Response from sales guy was that Cisco required a minimum 25 user count for anyconnect.  How does a firewall sized for small business and priced at $500 demand a minimum 25 vpn user license??  There has to be something I am missing.  I cant imagine a successful product adoption of the 1010 if it requires a $2500 vpn license for 25 users every 3 years.  If I had a business requiring 25 vpn users I think I would be on a bigger appliance.

Anyconnect FAQ doc just lists:

Q. What are the available authorized (user) counts for the new AnyConnect licenses?

A. The Plus and Apex licenses are available via banding-based licenses (L-AC-PLS-LIC= and L-AC-APX-LIC=) that allow you to select a specific user count (e.g. 873), a specific term length (e.g. 30 months) and start date (e.g. term starts on date X, up to 60 days in the future). The price per user per month decreases as the user count increases and/or the term length increases. Whenever possible, this method should be used to order Plus and Apex term licenses instead of the L-AC-PLS-xYR-G/L-AC-APX-xYR-G method. The L-AC-PLS-LIC= and L-AC-APX-LIC= ordering method will provide more flexibility for user counts, term duration and simpler renewals.



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