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AnyConnect VPN Client version 3.1.04072, Virtual Adapter Link Speed only 1/100 of physical


Just upgrade to AnyConnect VPN client version 3.1.04072

Detail version:


Platform: Windows 7

ASA: Both version 8 and version 9

Install/upgrade pretty smoonth, also dial to ASA version 8/9 no problem.

Only problem:

Adapter speed set by VPN client.

I found roughly the Virutal Adatper link speed is setting to 1/100 of physical speed.

Say, if I have phisical connect to 1GB network, the VPN Adapter speed is 10MB.

if I have WiFi connected, and Windows 7 setup WiFi adaptor speed at 120MB, after VPN connected, the VPN adapter link speed is fixed to 1Mbps.  You cannot download/upload above of this link speed set by adapter.

You can confirm this by open Windows Task Manager and check network tab, read the Adapter Link Speed.

AnyConnect VPN client Version 2.5 is fine, always follow the physical interface speed.

Confirmed this has nothing to do with ASA, also nothing to do with VPN profile, AnyConnect Connection Profile and Group Policy.  Simply replace AnyConnect client can trigger this bug.

Just wonder if anyone else see same problem?  How about other Version 3 client?

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Marcin Latosiewicz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The behavior appears to be introduced to accmodate:

There's an internal caveat (CSCtn99141) which triggered speed values to change - it should be same in 2.5.3+ and 3.0.2+

My suggestion, open up a TAC case to verify and troubleshoot indepth this behavior.


Thank Marcin for follow up.

I tested another version: 3.1.04066, the problem is gone, so looks the bug intruduced/triggered only on 3.1.0472.

I am OK to use 3.10.4066 or 2.5.6005 as workaround.

BTW I cannot open the link you mentioned as looks it's your internal bug tracking, so you may like to have your SQA guys to confirm.


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