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can't connect using anyconnect!

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Hello guys! I just installed a new asa 5505 and I had to configure the  asa myself until my smartnet is activated and the asa is up and reunning  on my network, however when iI try to connect using cisco anyconnect it  fails and I get this error. Can anyone explain what is wrong with my  configuration?

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Is the firewall on on your pc? - turn it off or AV

Are you outside the network?

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yes i'm outside the firewall

Vishnu Sharma
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I went through the error message and I see that the error says: No address available for svc connection. Please make sure that you have address pool defined on the ASA for the Anyconnect connection.

Please reference this link for configuring Anyconnect on the ASA:

In this link, you will find commands like this:

! Create a local IP address pool to assign for remote users

ASA(config)# ip local pool SSLClientPool mask

and this has been assigned to the connection profile like this:

ASA(config)# group-policy SSLCLientPolicy internal

ASA(config)# group-policy SSLCLientPolicy attributes

ASA(config-group-policy)# dns-server value

ASA(config-group-policy)#vpn-tunnel-protocol svc

ASA(config-group-policy)#address-pools value SSLClientPool

Please check these steps and you will be able to connect successfully.

Let me know if this helps.


Vishnu Sharma