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Cisco Anyconnect VPN with Starlink router


Installed new Starlink WIFI and it is working great, but when I attempt to connect VPN I get a "Connection attempt has timed out.  Please verify Internet connectivity" even though the WIFI signal is strong and speed test is fast.  I am able to get it to connect by using my old wifi connection, connect VPN, the change to starlink wifi and it stays connected.


Starlink support states this: Does Starlink work with VPNs?


Yes. Starlink supports the following VPN protocols: TCP/UDP/ICMP. SSL based VPNs typically work best to traverse CGNAT. NAT traversal support is required by the VPN.

We are unable to provide support for troubleshooting services for VPN connectivity issues. The Starlink App also may not work correctly when using VPN. Please contact your VPN provider for further support.

Will enterprise site-to-site VPN or SDWAN appliances work on Starlink?

Yes. Like client VPN applications, NAT traversal support via TCP or UDP is required on the Starlink side of the VPN/SDWAN appliance. VPNs that rely on protocols 47 (GRE), 50 (ESP), 51 (AH), 115 (L2TP) are dropped by CGNAT at this time.

Any thoughts on how to get this to connect using my starlink wifi?




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