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DMVPN between Spokes in different DMVPN Clouds


I would like to know if it is possible to build dynamic tunnels between Spokes in different DMVPN Clouds with different Hubs?  the diagram below shows the topology.


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Philip D'Ath
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I'm guessing it should be possible, but there are a lot of gotcha's.  For example, do all the spokes share a common subnet for their tunnel interfaces, so they can do an NHRP lookup, for a connection to the spoke in the other cloud, and actually be layer 3 consistent?

Personally, I would either migrate to have a single DMVPN system, or simply route the traffic between the hubs, rather than having it go spoke to spoke between clouds.

Thank you Philip for the reply,
We need spoke-to-spoke to avoid the load on Hub routers, I am trying to migrate to a single Hierarchical DMVPN Design by integrating the HQ Router as a Central Hub, but the problem is that the routing is established by OSPF with every branch as an ospf area.

Is there a way to build a hierarchical DMVPN with multi areas? if no what is the possible solution for this topology?

Many thank's.

Take a look at the Cisco DMVPN Validated Design Guide.

If you have new enough kit (running at least 15.4M4) then change to using iWAN.

I personally hate OSPF for things like this.  I adds considerably complexity in my book.  I would go with EIGRP, and my second choice would be BGP (the iWAN guide shows how to do it using BGP).