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IPSec Tunnels between ASA 5510 and ASA 5555

I have an ASA 5510 running ver 8.0(2) that has (4) Ipsec tunnels going from it to various other locations.  I am having an issue with data transfer speed on only one of the Tunnels.  This tunnel is between the 5510 and the 5555, on that link I am getting a dat transfer rate of a little over 120k a second, whereas if I pull the same set of files from another location I am seeing a transfer rate of 5m per second. 

I have verified that it is not a capacity issue on the Internet bandwidth on both locations, and I can pull the same data from the same location to various other locations via Ipsec tunnels, I am only having an issue with a specific tunnel going from the 5510 to the 5555. 

Since it is not affecting other tunnels on the 5510 nor is it affecting tunnels on the 5555 going to other locations, I am leaning toward a routing issue within the ISP?  I will say the ISP is taking me a long way around to stay in the same Metropolitan area.

I am looking for some brain storming ideas, and thanks for any and all help!


Here is some more info, MTU size seems to be fine (1426 bytes) and on a ping test the latency is around 52ms but the tracert shows that it takes 14 hops (with latency from 16ms to 86ms) to get from the 5510 location to the public interface of the 5555.  All of my other locations only take anywhere from 5 - 6 hops.  So once again I am leaning toward the amount of hops causing an issue.  Especially since they are moving a large amount of files, less files with large data size.

If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know, and thanks for any and all help!

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