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Quest Toad over VPN

My developers are seeing a problem using Quest Toad over VPN. This started happening ever since we upgraded our 3015 to an ASA5520. Not all things are working but some things are. It all corrilates to that replacement. Here is a description of what they say.

For me, I can log into the VPN from home, open up the TOAD software, make an Oracle database connection, even query data from tables. My troubles are when I want to see table properties or package properties or if I make an alias to a table when creating a SQL statement, then type the alias and the period character... waiting for the drop down to see all the columns in the table to pick from so I don't have to type the column_name. Whenever I do these things, TOAD hangs and produces no errors... just sits there hung. You have to close the app and open it up again. I don't think TOAD is getting any errors, I don't see any, it is just waiting on the results from the action (wanting to see properties) and never gets a reply, so it continues to wait and wait and wait appearing hung.

So with that said. That does not help me other that some things work and some things don't. Doing searching with IT's best friend Google has turned up nothing. They are not helpful, gee that is nothing new, shesh developers. LOL

Any ideas?


Thick IPSec Client


I think this must be related with CSCsu44598 Bug, we have to downgrade to 8.0.3 for solving this


SQLNet inspection closes flow


Issue with SQLNet access


Issue is seen with ASA 8.0(4) with SQLNet inspection enabled. Inspection

denies CLOB data field size of greater than 4KB. The following log messages

are seen on the ASA:

%ASA-6-302014: Teardown TCP connection...Flow closed by inspection

When enabling 'debug sqlnet 255 ', you may also see the following debug message:

SQLNet: multiple TNS frames in one packet!


1) Disable SQLNet inspection

2) Downgrade to a version prior to

Further Problem Description:

This bug was introduced due to the integration of CSCsr27940 in version and Versions prior to these release should not be affected.

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