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Remove Admin rights for AnyConnect and remove from automatic startup

I am using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on Windows 7 (I know, shame on me) to connect to my company's network remotely.

It works well in most regards.


However, I have noticed that it is seemingly impossible to stop it from automatically starting up when I boot up my computer.

It also seems to have given itself admin rights over my system, so that when I try to remove it from the list of programs which start automatically when I log in, it puts itself back in there.

It also installs addons like the "AMP Enabler", which I have no interest in using. I literally just want to connect to my company's network from home.


In case it is not clear from the tone of my text , I find this annoying, so my question is how do I stop it?

I want the program to start when I intend to connect to my workplace, but only then.

I am perfectly capable of finding the shortcut on my desktop by myself.


I am also well aware that it is possible the root of my problems is my own ignorance of how the software and how Windows in general works, in which case I apologize in advance to anyone facepalming while reading this.

Either way, I am hoping someone has a solution, and is willing to share. :)