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RSA SecurID Hard and Soft Token Authentication Prompts with AnyConnect 4.3.x.

We have different PIN requirement depending on whether the user is using a hardware or software token.  I think software tokens only work with numeric PINs and hardware tokens require alphanumeric.  I'm not sure if this is a fixed RSA requirement of if that's configurable in policies.

Is there any way for the AnyConnect client to detect which kind of token the user has assigned to their account and automatically display the appropriate PIN requirement instructions when their PIN is reset or new?

Where do we update the text that displays in the AnyConnect client that explains PIN requirements and also update the text in the legal banner that pops up from the AnyConnect client when the user successfully connects ?

VIP Advocate

Anyconnect by default starts

Anyconnect by default starts off with accepting both (prompt should show "enter PIN or Passcode"), then based on whether Passcode or PIN is successful, the preferences are saved on the preferences.xml file for the next authentication. After that the prompt should show either "PIN" or "Passcode".

More info on this here:

For text and GUI customization's, you would have to change the customization file (I usually copy off to notepad and re-import back into the section) from then ASDM for en language. The location is here:

Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) Access > AnyConnect Customization/Localization > GUI Text and Messages

Banner can be customized under the group-policy using "banner" command or using ASDM here:

Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Add/Edit Internal Group Policy > General Parameters > Banner