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Script to stop and start AnyConnect client serviceson windows

Ahmad Qubo
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Is there a script we can use for the end user to stop and start AnyConnect services on windows, we have issue where we use always on VPN and it is working for laptop patching, however sometimes the end users need to manually disconnect anyconnect in order to do work outside of VPN, we noticed even if the user disconnect the anyconnect services still running and prevent them from running certain application, disable the anyconnect services manually help solve the issue


we are trying to see if there is a script we can use where put short cut of the end user to click on it to stop anyconnect services, and if there the servers start automatically on reboot or we can add another short cut for the user to click on to start anyconnect services, this will be used on windows 7 and on windows 8

We use Anyconnect 3.1 client and 4.x clients

any help is greatly appreciated





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Level 1

We've looked into something like what you describe but all method to 'turn off' always-on required admin rights.  I know always-on is a security feature but I wish cisco would provide an easy way to temporarily turn it off when needed.