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Site-to-site between 5510 and 5505


I'm having some issues getting a l2l VPN up.  I have never had any issues before.  I've always used the ASDM and it just pops right up.  These are the IKE statistics I'm getting, but I can't find any info on what the failures mean.... The initiator fails and auth fails.

Thanks for any help

Global IKE Statistics

Active Tunnels: 0

Previous Tunnels: 0

In Octets: 56896

In Packets: 206

In Drop Packets: 154

In Notifys: 18

In P2 Exchanges: 0

In P2 Exchange Invalids: 0

In P2 Exchange Rejects: 0

In P2 Sa Delete Requests: 0

Out Octets: 24456

Out Packets: 142

Out Drop Packets: 0

Out Notifys: 0

Out P2 Exchanges: 0

Out P2 Exchange Invalids: 0

Out P2 Exchange Rejects: 0

Out P2 Sa Delete Requests: 0

Initiator Tunnels: 34

Initiator Fails: 34

Responder Fails: 0

System Capacity Fails: 0

Auth Fails: 34

Decrypt Fails: 0

Hash Valid Fails: 16

No Sa Fails: 0

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Rashid Thompson

This sounds like a Phase 1 issue. I would double check the crypto-map, shared key, ACL, and encryptions to see if they all match. Also I've learned that the ASDM does not show everything. Check the config in the CLI by doing a "more system:running-config"

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