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Update Anyconnect SMC and SBL versions via command line?

We need to upgrade Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and Cisco Start Before Logon silently via command line so we can deploy it to systems System Center Configuation Manager. The laptops are already using version 4.3, but we are just  updating these systems to the latest patch level.

However, Start Before Login installer seems too reboot-happy because it wants to reboot to uninstall and also reboot again to install and 2 restarts makes upgrades via SCCM too difficult and it's also too disruptive to users.

Can we uninstall the older versions of SBL, and uninstall AnyConnect suppressing any restarts, then install the new versions of AnyConnect and SBL and just do one single reboot at the end?

I tried installing over the top without first uninstalling the old versions and I couldn't get it to work.  If there is a procedure to upgrade AnyConnect and SBL without having to uninstall the older patch level first, then that could be another option.

If so, what commands do we use to accomplish an upgrade without needing 2 restarts?