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VPN between CISCO ISR4321 and CISCO1941

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Level 1


I am trying to set up a L2L between copuple Cisco routers (ISR4321 and 1941). In one of sites I try to replace old 1941 to new ISR4321 but I can't to connect to other sites. Three of tunnels was able to connected but others didn't. In debug mode was something like this:

Apr 14 13:33:47.531: ISAKMP-PAK: (0):received packet from 212.180.XXX.YYY dport 500 sport 500 Global (R) MM_SA_SETUP
Apr 14 13:33:47.531: ISAKMP: (0):phase 1 packet is a duplicate of a previous packet.
Apr 14 13:33:47.531: ISAKMP: (0):retransmitting due to retransmit phase 1
Apr 14 13:33:48.031: ISAKMP: (0):retransmitting phase 1 MM_SA_SETUP...
Apr 14 13:33:48.031: ISAKMP: (0):: incrementing error counter on sa, attempt 1 of 5: retransmit phase 1
Apr 14 13:33:48.031: ISAKMP: (0):retransmitting phase 1 MM_SA_SETUP
Apr 14 13:33:48.031: ISAKMP-PAK: (0):sending packet to 212.180.XXX.YYY 210 my_port 500 peer_port 500 (R) MM_SA_SETUP

And finaly got MM_NO_STATE

The configutration on ISR4321 (crypto map, peer, etc.) is the same as in the old router

Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated!


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Philip D'Ath
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

There is not enough of the log to determine the issue. We also need the log from both ends while the issue is happening.  We need both the ikev1/isakmp and ipsec debugging enabled.