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VPN Problem /electricity/

I am Network Enginer in small business company. We have around 20 nods /branch/. We  using CISCO 871 router about 2 years.Currently ,there is problem emerged. Our routers drops the Tunnel /VPN connection. Then when i saw the log it is llike this:   

Mar  1 00:45:58: %CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_INV_SPI: decaps: rec'd IPSEC packet has invalid spi for destaddr=xx.xx.xx.xx, prot=51, spi=0x4AE52C33(1256533043), srcaddr=xx.xx.xx.xx

*Mar  1 00:46:09: %CRYPTO-4-IKMP_NO_SA: IKE message from xx.xx.xx.xx has no SA and is not an initialization offer

So i search in Internet it is common error message for when VPN drops. We changed the router to another router /Cisco 881/ then it is okay with same configuration.So i don't think problem is from config.

Interestingly, i saw same thing in three routers which are giving headache.

1.Branch router working fine until Building power is down,then router works for while with UPS,then when UPS down it is off.After that Power is on router is on working fine.Suddenly drops the tunnel and no VPN connection and gives the error above.Then when i restart the router manually it is working fine while  and again drops the tunnel. All three routers got same steps to get problem.

Anyone have same problem /Power problem/ ?

if so how you solve this problem ?

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first i thought it is maybe software bug but i put cisco 1700 older IOS with same config it was okay. Anyone got similiar problem esp with CISCO 871


You can try using the command crypto isakmp invalid-spi-recovery and see if it helps.



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