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5525X not blocking prohibited categores inside search engine searches

Chris Cooper

We are currently having an issues with users being able to see images that should be blocked by a category inside of google image search.  I know with websense, you could enable it to filter inside of google search to block prohibited images.  How can I get this to work?

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Chris Illsley

Hi Chris,

When you are doing the searches are you signed into Google or using https, (Safari's search bar defaults to https), if your proxy isn't set up to decrypt https it won't be able to read the page to block images.

Confirm you are definitely using standard http and see if it is still doing this.



None of the above.  we are simply going to then selecting images at the top.  Once the search is executed, all images are displayed regardless of content.  I know that we can turn of safe search and stuff like that, but that is not something we can control for over 400 users very easily.  It doesn't matter which browser we use, Chrome, IE, Firefox, they all do the same thing.  Chrome uses https, but IE is http.  I have decrypt everything turned on, so it should be decrypting all https traffic.  I can also see that my Certificate is working and all the clients have it installed. 

Gah, there's the problem I don't think there's anyway around it unless you enforce safe search.



That's terrible.  Websense does this.  We were looking to migrate away from them, but this may be a deal breaker for us.  Thanks for your help.  I may open up a TAC case to see if they can get it working.  I will update this post if I receive anything back.  Thanks again. 

I've found a resolutuion for a different web filter and am looking into if/how it could be applied to IronPort:

The changes made today are as follows, it all makes sense and works:

- Requests for or are returned with by the WFS Gateway.

- Requests for are blocked.

The way this works is that when a user requests or they are instead asking for - This way Google does not redirect the user to the encrypted HTTPS version of or - Now that the webpage is not encrypted the Content Filter can now enforce the safe search options.

I'll let you know if I have any luck, but if anyone else can work it out let me know.



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