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Hello, Following the update of our web proxy from version 12.0.1 build 334 to version 14.5.0 build 537. Authentication does not happen correctly on requests going through the proxy and only HTTP 407 returns are visible in the logs on flows requesting...

jds5 by Beginner
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Dear Team, We have two WSA running in explicit proxy. We would like to store proxy pac file on WSA and we want client go with primary WSA as always and failover only if Primary WSA down. So is there any way to archive this goal? Note: Normally Proxy ...

Hi all,We are trying to block TLD’s (Top level domains) within the FTD’s / FMC.   For example, we wish to block TLD’s that can pose threats such as RU, plus a few others. Currently, we have a rule built in the “Security Intelligence” to attempt a blo...

I need help for a Specific customer project. Currently we have MPLS with DC Singapore for the Intranet traffic & proxy >firewall for internet local Breakout.now for a specific team 10 users we need to build separate network peering using VRF & local ...

We are deploying Umbrella on our hybird user laptops.  We are seeing internet speed reductions down to 1/10th of actual internet speed on these devices.  We had a user today share screen captures of 2 separate devices (one using Umbrella, one not).  ...

jbergener by Beginner
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Hello,I recently had some very high traffic by application risk come through, and I blocked this application A in my ACP. The first rule of this ACP is application blocks. Few days go by and dashboards show very high again, and when I open up context...

dcanady55 by Beginner
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Dearsi would like to understand what does ftp over http OR SFTP over https means ??  can anybody give me an example of it, how the url would look like for accessing the ftp over http in a browser.the mail goal here isuser tries to download the file f...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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