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Cisco Employee

Hi,Adobe is using a range


Adobe is using a range request download method for its download and by default this method has been disabled in WSA due to security purpose.

You can enable this option from the CLI of WSA by issuing command rangerequestdownload and enable this.

Please note that this option is a global setting therefore it will effect the appliance globally and also if you enable this setting there might be some security risks where when WSA is getting the files in chunks instead of full size of file (the behaviour of range request download protocol), WSA scanning engine might not be able to perform scanning on them due to small size of files (due to per chunks)

Another way to get around this is to create custom URL category for the whole domains and subdomains of adobe: "" and set it to "Allow" instead of "Monitor".

By setting to "Allow" this will bypass the scanning all together and simply allowing the traffics, therefore WSA will not inspect the range request download protocol/method that adobe is using.