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Custom URL category error adding URL


I am having problem adding a URL to a custom URL category. The URL consists of a specific webpage which I need to restrict access to and this URL contains characters like & , / , etc...  Cisco Iornport doesn't like this type of URL s it seems. Running 

AsyncOS Version:8.0.7-142
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Handy Putra
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You will need to enter those in the regular expressions part of the custom URL categories under "Advanced" and Regular Expressions.

Thanks for the reply Handy Putra,


I tried this but it didn't work, it doesn't restrict access. I left the 'sites' box blank and did not enter anything. 


Any other suggestions or if am I doing something wrong here ?

Can i get what is it that you put in the regular expression and also the URL that you are trying to hit using the custom URL category for me to test.

It is an internal URL which may not work for testing on your side. 


Please see the attached user guide and go to page 156 for Regular Expressions, just in case that the format of the regular expressions not correct for the link that you want to hit

Hi Handy Putra,


I came across this user guide but wasn't able to get it working as suggested on it. 




Can you share the exact URL

Eventhough the URL is internal only however we still be able to test it and see the connection from the accesslogs just to see if it is hitting the custom URL category eventhough the site is not accessible.


If sharing that information from the forum might cause security issue in your company, I would suggest open a TAC case to the WSA team to get look at in depth

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