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I've managed to add an Identity ldap and an Access Policy that requires authentication of Members in the group cn=internet.

If a User is NOT in group cn=internet but exists in LDAP, the User is getting Internet access. I need to disable Internet Access to all

Users NOT in Group cn=internet.

Trace is: DETAILS: DefaultGroup "Access"

How do I disable Access for the DefaultGroup ? I can't find a DefaultGroup anywhere.

Thank You


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Ken Stieers
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VIP Advisor

Go to the Global Policy in Web Security Manager>Access Policies and set it to block everything, then above that create a policy for group cn=Internet that allows internet users to go where ever they're allowed...

Edit:  That will cause a little havoc with stuff that doesn't usually authenticate (Outlook, Windows Activation stuff, etc., so plan for that...)

This is a change from Bluecoat to Ironport, we already have the authentication Stuff configured.

Access Group noAuth and added the CustomURL's. There's a little cosmetic  issue. There is a

Error Message Proxy_Auth_Required. I'd like the user to see that instead of something like 

'Your request has been blocked by Company Rules'.

Hmm, I see what you mean...

I think you'll need somthing like this:

In Access Policies:

non auth agents (Outlook/Windows activation, etc...)  --> allowed      

authed users in cn=Internet group --> allowed

authed users not in group --> blocked                               

Global policy --> everything blocked                                  

Go to Network/Authentication and set "Action if Authentication Service Unavailable" to Permit

Go to Web Security Manager/Identities, and in the Global Identity Policy, turn on Guest Privledges.

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