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Error after publishing in WSA 380

Hi all:


Every time we Publish in CSM 380 (9.5.0-125) to 2 WSA 380 (8.8.0-085) we get an error in one of them. The message is this:


Generic Protocol format error: local variable 'data' referenced before assignment


In Status of Publish for this WSA is Failed but the configuration does publish to the appliance. I was searching for a workaround but with no sucess. The publish for the other WSA has no problem and both have the same licenses, version...


Thanks in advanced


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Handy Putra
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Can you quickly check if you have any Custom trusted root certificate uploaded to that WSA appliance.

on WSA under GUI --> Network --> Certificate Management -->Trust Root Certificates --> custom certificates added to trusted root certificate list.

If there are custom certificates added to the trusted root certificate list, this issue potentially caused by defect CSCuv48579(CM 8.8 cannot publish config to 8.8 WSA if WSA has custom uploaded certs) and still being work on by the Development team.

Thanks for answering Handy.

In Custom Trusted Root Certificate there are the same 2 certificates in  the proxies (both expire on Sept). So it doesn't seem the root of the issue cause, on the contrary, the problem would occur in both appliances.

The bug page was updated on Aug 8th, under "Known Fixed Releases" when we click on "Download software for Cisco Web Security Appliance", it pointed to version 9.0 for Cisco WSA S100V. We tried upgrading one of our WSA's to the latest available update, which was 8.8 but that still didn't fix the problem.


The page was updated again on Aug 10th and this time they've pulled down version 9.0 for Cisco WSA S100v. Is there a confirmed resolution available for this yet?

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