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How fast of a connection can an IronPort S160 work with?

We have a potential oppurtunity to upgrade our 4.5mbps internet connection to a 50mbps connection.  We have an IronPort S160 and before spending the money on a huge increase in bandwidth, we would want to know that this IronPort appliance can support it.



Performance of any of the Cisco IronPort Web Security is measured by how many request per second it can service.  Although the available bandwidth is increasing, is there any expectation that there will be a similar 10x increase in web users surfing the web or overall web activity?

Unless there are plans to add additional users to the network along with the new bandwidth, the overall request load should remain somewhat constant for teh S160.

For specific sizing guidance, it would be best to contact your local reseller or Cisco account team who can provide better guidance for your exact situation.

Not nessesarily insiders browsing outside, but what about downloads. ie) patches, demo's, drivers, video chats, streaming, offsite backups, people accessing our website, email transfers, ftp, vpn's, etc...

We are also looking at bringing up another office, but they are in a protected area in terms of what telco's service, so I don't think we can get a fiber point to point like we have for other offices in Verizon territory.  So we may bump up our speed and tack that branch office on via VPN over the internet... but that terminates at the ASA not the ironport.

The cost of bandwidth has come down drasticly and for us to go from 3 T1's at 4.5 Mbps to a more reliable fiber connection at 50mbps with 1 T1 as a backup with BGP on our ip block, it's really a no brainer.

Just the thing is we can bump up to 10mbps sync over fiber for about $100 more a month, or we qualify for another transport over fiber that costs $300 more a month but it's 50mbps sync.  Adding a new office, doing more with VPN's and also wanting redundancy (not everything over copper), means we are doing it, just at what bandwidth level.

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