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Licensing - User Accounting

How are users accounted for on a Cisco Web Security Appliance (Virtual)?  I recenty purchased a 500 user license but see far more "connections" on the system status page.

How can I determine whether Im running up against the license limitations or not?

What is the default behavior taken towards a client if we exceed?

Any input, clarification or guidance would be helpful!

Christopher Walsh

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They aren't...

Connections are NOT equal to users... this page proabably started ~30 connections...

Assuming you're authenticating your users, ssh to the box, login

Enter "authcache" hit enter

Enter "list" hit enter

Spacebar though the list, and it should show you how many people are logged in...

Cisco isn't being draconian with it, just true up when you renew.


Thanks for the reply....

So is it an assumption that when looking at the systems status page....client connections = how many sockets are open, or url requests are in use?

We did the commands you mentioned and it showed 141, which was refreshing, but I would imagine there are a ton that are going through it unauthenticated as well, due to the fact we have so many macs on the network.

Oh the joys of learning....


Thanks Again

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