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Publish to a WSA from Management appliance Fails

I am trying to publish a configuration from my new M170 to a S160 and i get this error:  "Failure: The Anti-malware settings must match to successfully publish."  I checked and the settings are good any ideas.

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Re: Publish to a WSA from Management appliance Fails


In the MSA, which security settings are turned on (Is Sophos on? Is McAfee on? etc) has to match what is actually enabled on the WSA you're pushing to.

Taken from 8-10 of the user guide:

To verify enabled features for a Web Security appliance:

Step 1 On the Security Management appliance, choose Web > Utilities > Web Appliance Status.

Step 2 Click the name of a Web Security appliance to which you will publish a Configuration Master.

Step 3 Scroll to the Security Services table.

Step 4 Verify that the Feature Keys for all enabled features are active and not expired.

Step 5 Compare the settings in the Services columns:

The Web Appliance Service column and the Is Service Displayed on Management Appliance? column should be consistent.

Enabled = Yes

Disabled and Not Configured = No or Disabled.

N/A means Not Applicable. For example, the option may not be configurable using a Configuration Master, but is listed so that you can see the Feature Key status.

Configuration mismatches will appear in red text.

Step 6 If the enabled/disabled settings for a feature do not match, do one of the following:

•Change the relevant setting for the Configuration Master. See Enabling Features to Publish, page 8-10.

•Enable or disable the feature on the Web Security Appliance. Some changes may impact multiple features. See the information about the relevant feature in the Cisco IronPort AsyncOS for Web Security User Guide.

I have put in an enhancement request for this to be manageable by the MSA, because I think its pretty dumb that you can't push this config from the MSA.

Hope that helps,