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Question about new Office 365 External Feeds

Hello dear community, I have a customer with the external feed of Office 365 and this problem happens: Error: 'The requested file is not found on the server' External URL Category: Office365 Feed Address: According to Microsoft documentation, they changed the way to obtain the IPs and domains related with Office 365: I think this new way to obtain Office 365 IPs and domains was added on version 11.5.1-124 May you know how to configure this new way of feed on the Proxy now? I'm a bit lost here. Regards, Aitor
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Ken Stieers
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VIP Advisor
In the GUI, go to Web Security Manager/Custom and External URL categories.

Click on "Add Category..." or click on the external feed that exists.

For Category Type, select "External Live Feed Category"

For Feed file location, select "Office 365 Web Service" and the Web Service URL should default to the one that MS published:


Test it, set it to update if you want... submit/commit.

Hello Ken,


I tried to configure as you suggested but it didn't work. My Async OS is 10.1.1-230


Maybe is related with the version?




I think the new "API" feed was added in 10.5.

I'd skip all 10.5 builds and go to 11.5.1-124...

Looking at the release notes (link below), you'll have to apply an update to 10.1.1-235 or later to get to 11.5.1...


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