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Stuck in Warning page

Hi all:

We got 2 WSA S380 (both 9.0.0-485) behind load balancer. Nowadays, only one of them is in production, if this goes down the other one starts working.

Now we want a waning page shows up when users surf certain websites so I configured the backup Ironport with a test user. I upload a custom HTML file via FTP, configure Custom EUN pages through CLI and start testing. I configured when I surf to the waning page must shows up. And it works the page appears but when I hit in the link to accept the warning nothing happens, the warning page stays constantly.

With this result, I decided to configure the Ironport in production as well with that test user and it works perfectly so I don't know what happens in the other one. I gathered the logs from my surf to, attached in the post. I no longer know what to do, it doesn't make any sense for me.

Thanks for your help


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Tao Yang
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It looks your logo picture is not available and the response HTTP code is 404 "Not Found".

1457682410.521 6 TCP_MISS/404 2088 GET "INET\externo.fcf@Kerberos_Realm" DIRECT/ text/html
<IW_hlth,1.5,-,"-",-,-,-,-,"-",-,-,-,"-",-,-,"-","-",-,-,IW_hlth,-,"-","-","Unknown","Unknown","-","-",2784.00,0,-,"-","-",-,"-",-,-,"-","-"> -

Hi Tao

Thanks for answering. I thought it the first time, because of this I configured the Waring page in the WSA in production. It's got the same configuration as the other one and works. In the logs you get 404 for that image (the corporative log of the company) but if you hit the Continue message you are redirected to the website requested.


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