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WSA Load Balancing with WCCP

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


We have 2 x WSA S670s that we wish to load balance across. The WSAs are running 7.5.1 and can only be in transparent mode. These are connected through WCCP to a pair of Nexus 7ks, running 6.1(3). We are seeing active/standby behaviour and we are expecting A/A. If we shut the port on the active WSA, the second WSA will begin proxing traffic. When we remove the shut command, the traffic will again go back to first WSA. Is this expected behaviour? We were expecting both WSA to handle traffic.



Ken Stieers
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

This may be more of a Nexus question than a WSA question, but check this:    

     Go to Network>Transparent Redirection> Click on your Service Profile name

     Check "Load balance based on client address"

     Click on Advanced near the bottom.

     Set the Load-Balancing Select "Allow Mask Only" and try a custom mask of 0x1

That should make it switch between WSA's based on whether the last bit in the client's IP is 1 or 0...

There are some good comments in this thread:

Nexus want's "mask"


I have some questions on WSA high-availability. Let say I have two units of WSA and they are deployed in transparent mode using WCCP. As I understand, the load-balancing will be handled by WCCP server (WCCP compliant routers or switches) and WCCP server will redirect the web request to the available WCCP client (either WSA1 or WSA2). Meaning to say all WSA they are running active/active configuration. Please correct me if i'm wrong.

My questions as follows:

1) Any dependency for WSA to achieve active/active? How to ensure can achieve active/active?

2) Let say I have 2 appliance model S380, if running active/active is that means 8K users will be equally distributed on each appliance such as 4K on WSA1 and 4K on WSA2?

3) If let say customer have 14K users, is that means have to upgrade to higher box like S680? And how's the load calculation will be? 7K each appliance or what?

4) If let say customer have 10K users, is that means I can use the same box S380? 5K each appliance or what? And how's the loan calculation will be?


Much appreciated for your help!

Great thanks in advance.



Vance Kwan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In order for 2 WSA's to become Active/Active, they must be utilizing the same WCCP service ID.  If two WCCP service IDs are used, then the lower WCCP service ID will be Active, and the higher will be Standby.

If you shut a port down and break the WCCP neighborship, it will have no choice but to fail over to the higher WCCP service ID.


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