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Pre-Meeting Lobby for Scheduled Meetings question

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Level 1

Hi all,


Just a quick question relating to the new Pre-Meeting Lobby for Scheduled Meetings.

How is this different from scheduling meetings with a PMR then if the host needs to kick off the meeting? Will this be an option to turn on and off?


I work in a company where high-level meetings with managers and leadership are scheduled by EA's. These EA's (host) are sometimes in these meetings but more often than not, are not in these meetings. The Managers normally join via Room Endpoints by"One Button to Push" and not via the app by proximity. Some managers are "technically challenged" and might take a while to re-educate them with what to do..


Really hoping that this is an option to turn on/off, but need to know if this is the way going forward, A comms will need to be sent out to educate the staff in adding multiple Co-hosts per meeting and or for the host pin to be passed around...

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