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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Here at Webex, we use closed captioning quite a bit to ensure that we never miss a word in meetings, but so we can also access the transcripts later if we need to review ideas or key messages. We turn closed captioning on to ensure that everyone can understand what's said and fully participate in meetings.

Are you using closed captioning in your meetings? Does it help with comprehension and make everyone feel included? We want to know! In less than 100 words, comment below to share what you love about closed captioning and offer up any tips you have.

Once we get your response, we'll enter you into our giveaway for a chance to some awesome Webex swag. We'll keep this post active through the entire month of October and randomly select a giveaway winner the first week of November. Congratulations to September's winner, Kevin Ho (@hok)!



About Closed Captions and Transcripts

You can show automated closed captions during a meeting or webinar and never miss a word that's said. With automated closed captions turned on, meetings and webinars become even more accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants. As people speak, their mics pick up everything they say, and it's automatically added as captioning above the meeting and event controls.

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