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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

redsky.pngUse Case Description/Overview
The FCC and many states have rules requiring enterprises to provide the location of a 9-1-1 caller to the 9-1-1 dispatcher. This responsibility falls on the Service Provider, VAR, and Enterprise. Horizon Mobility® is a carrier grade platform solution that can make you 100% compliant.

Horizon Mobility® supports Webex Calling endpoints, providing an automated solution to FIND the user’s location, ROUTE the 9-1-1 call, and NOTIFY the enterprise (SMS/email). Dispatchable Location includes validated street address, and data such as floor and room/zone.

Location determination happens automatically when on premises, matching the device’s connection to the network provides a pre-provisioned location. No user intervention is required. For devices that are off premise, the Horizon Mobility® solution includes a client that permits the user to self-provision location.

Additionally, there is an Enhanced Notification SKU that provides real time notifications via screen pop-ups, conference calling, and recording.

  • Horizon Mobility® is entirely cloud based and requires no on-premise equipment or dedicated SIP trunking for 9-1-1. Everything is taken care of at the platform.
  • Horizon Mobility® subscriptions match Webex Calling offerings and are available through Solutions Plus.
  • Horizon Mobility® covers the US and Canada.

Vertical/Industry Alignment 
RedSky services are available for any enterprise that requires more advanced location-based emergency services with a need to meet regulatory compliance and requirements for 911 services. 

Webex Environment Alignment
RedSky services are available for Webex Calling.

How to Purchase 
RedSky is a Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner with their products available on Cisco’s Global Pricing List.

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